JEE Mains March 2021 Exam Tips and Tricks

 Strategy to Attempt the questions in JEE Main March Paper:

Sometimes the right strategy and time management play a vital role in deciding the rank for an aspirant. So, one must be quick enough to adapt to the level of the paper and act promptly. The following points may however be kept in mind when attempting the questions. One basic strategy could be not to give full time in one go to a particular instead allocate some time so that one could review this subject again. E.g. For a 3 hr paper with 3 subjects, generally students tend to give 1 hr each. It is advisable that they give 40-45 mins in attempting questions from any one subject they feel confident and move on to second subject and then to the third. In the remaining time the unsolved questioned may be reviewed. This would help in increasing the attempting rate. However, students may develop their own strategy based on their preferences

 Session 2 - March 15 to 18, 2021

1.    preparing for the March attempt should refer to the JEE Main answer keys of the February 2021 session thereby materializing and acting upon a possible strategy for the exam.

2.    This is time to analyze the previous attempt and learn from any mistakes, working on the same and avoid those mistakes in future attempts.

3.    Practice a bunch of questions to ensure accuracy and work on areas having a loose grasp over.

4.    This is the time to brush on any overlooked concepts and practice such topics with mock tests.

5.    Theoretical questions formed the major part of the exam in JEE Mains February. Candidates should work on any weak on theoretical chapter and study them properly. Ensure readiness for the questions flunked in the February attempt.

6.    The February attempt has made it clear that special attention has to be given to certain topics along with the mainstream syllabus before the March attempt.

7.    For Physics: Magnetism and Matter, EM Waves, Diffraction and Polarization, Optical Instruments, Communication Systems, Semiconductor Devices, Rotation, Thermodynamics, Electrostatics.

8.    For Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry, especially from NCERT, should be prepared and memorized with data, Name Reactions, Flame Test and Organic Concepts.

9.    For Maths: Differential Equations, Vectors and 3D, Matrices and Determinants, Sequence and Series, Mathematical Reasoning, Application of Derivatives, Indefinite Integral.

10. Dedicate the time left for JEE Mains March 2021 attempt to focus on strong topics and revise them properly in order to avoid missing out on any questions.

11. Do not forget to revise. It helps retain the topics learned when appearing for JEE Main exam 2021. Revise the important topics and formulae over and over again.

12. Shift the focus from mock tests or solving question papers now because they are time-consuming. Dedicate this time analyzing mistakes and work on them not to repeat them in future attempts.

13. Most importantly, do not forget to manage stress with regular breaks between study cycles to ensure that you maintain your concentration and energy levels.

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